Standard equipment


EB7 LED - outdoor lighting (1 point)

EW2 entrance door 80 cm (standard)

E8M Windows with insulating double glazing

ET5 Safety glass for high windows

E39 Fully galvanized high quality chassis

P7E curtain rods and curtains

IMC Electric instantaneous water heater

IU8 PVC flooring

UMK couch in L shape

DNE wall shelf

4RG TV bench

LOP TV connection with power supply

K7Z hood

KH2 Sink

K5C Kitchen furniture

K99 Kitchen countertop

K7G Built-in refrigerator

KAW Cabinet with built-in refrigerator

KJC gas hob 4er

OJ3 Marriage bed 140 x 200 cm

ULR wooden panel bed headboard

65Y Mattress 140 x 200 cm

MH1 Furniture includes: Closet, hanging closet, bedside tables 2 pcs, hanging shelf

MFF Interior doors

MJT PVC flooring

WX6 Single beds 70 x 200 cm (2 pcs.)

DTF Mattresses (2 pcs.)

AJP Wooden board bed headboards (2 pcs.)

TP8 Bedroom furniture which consist of: Closet, hanging closet, bedside table

TPQ Interior door

B31 Shower cabin (integrated, waterproof)

BAE Shower fittings with hose and shower head

BN9 Washbasin

BPQ Toilet

B5F Washbasin Faucets

BL4 Interior doors

BEN Electric Bathroom Fan

Floor plan

  • Bedrooms: 2

  • Bathroom: 1

  • Size: 11,5 x 4 m